The Badgers without Borders

Written by Janine Lamour
Friday, 30 November 2007 12:58

All of us who who have lived at Coat Meur as long as this place has existed (regardless of ___)  welcome you and thank you for sharing this place with us. 

Don't worry, we are called "wild", but we are delicate treasures who will not bother you. In the thirty years that the Lamour Family lived at Coat Meur they only saw us once, and that was by accident, they happened to come out one night without making a sound whilst we were out and about.

You will find traces of us: molehills, hedgehogs droppings, . . . marks of badger teeth on apples, peck marks from bird's beaks in fruit . . . Sometimes you will have to cover your ears because of our songs and our cries. You will see and hear a very rare birds at Ploudalm├ęzeau: kingfishers, wood-peckers, marsh harriers and owls. We live always lived together, each of us has our place, sometimes after a few struggles.

Will live in harmony with the humans (apart from the hunters), we live without fear of chemical weapon and we don't collect any tithes.

Welcome then and much happiness at Coat Meur. This place is made for that.

Thank you for respecting us.
The animals without borders.

written with the help of
Janine Lamour 
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