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The story of Coat Meur

Written by Janine Lamour
Friday, 30 November 2007 12:57

This name of a very old place does not appear on any map, though the mill is in old records and only in recent years has the council placed a signpost leading here. 

The name wasn't invented but was found in the old deeds and legal records when we, Janine and Prigent Lamour, acquired the land in 1970.

There is little written about Coat-Meur, though the name is found both in Plouguin, and close to Landivisiau where it still exists as "Coat-Meur Nurseries" - « Les pépinières de Coat-Meur. »

Regarding Coat Meur in Lampaul-Ploudalmézeau, the Abbot Arzel has most to say.

Looking back to the 19th and the 17th centuries we find some references to the people who bore the title of 'Coat Meur' or who lived there.

1850-1860 : In this chapter of history different places used the name of which there are no traces left today 'Coat Meur Mill' - « Milin Coat-Meur. » : "I think was what we call today Lestréhoné Mill, the first mill beyond Pencréac'h." That seems correct.
In the Register of marriages at Ploudalmézeau for 1870 we find the wedding of Jean-Marie Talarmein from the mill of Coat-Meur, Lampaul Ploudalmézeau to Marie-Anne de Laflosque Arzel in Ploudalmézeau.

The Registers for Lampaul Ploudalmézeau allow us to trace the residents of this mill (back to 1792 at the Mairie and back to about 1600 in the Departmental Archives in Brest).

17th Century: in 1643: From Portzmoguer - Marguerite, Lady of Coat-Meur. . . In 1625: Jean de Parcevaux, Lord of Coat-Meur . . .

From this manuscript we learned that in 1448 among the "Farmers exempt from 'hearth tax'" was "the tenant of Lestréhoné, Sire de Coat-Meur".

The mystery remains. We are only sure that a mill existed until 1870, and at an earlier time evidence of farm land belonging to Lestréhoné, Sire de Coat-Meur. We also know that people focused on the noble title. If there was a  manor of Coat-Meur, we haven't proved it yet.

From private archives we are also aware that in 1683, the mill of Coat-Meur belonged to Joseph Hyacinthe de Kersulguen, Lord of Kerbrezre (now Kerber). The farmer was René Corre, husband of Isabelle Calvarin. In 1625, this land at Kerber was owned by his grandfather: Jean De Kersulguen.

In February 1685, the mill was leased, including the « détraignables » (i.e. the people associated with the mill, possibly 'tied' workers or farmers) to François Le Vaillant, husband of Anne Auffret, for a rent of 69 « livres tournois », payable every three months in advance (which is original!. . . )

In the 1683 lease the « détraignables » are also mentioned, except those at Kerber.

We can deduce without much risk of error, that the mill of Coat Meur was a part of the manor of Kerber. Earlier, we know that on 31 August 1598, Jean de Kersulguen had purchased the land at Kerber from the lord (seigneur) of Neubourg.

This land, and perhaps a mill, was in the fiefdom governed from « fief des Réguaires » St. Leon Gouesnou. In the beginning of the twenty-first century, Jane Revell and Bob Janes from London are the happy owners and occupants. From the earliest times, we know that the Channel is a route and not a border.

From the nobility of an name that disappeared, has succeeded the noble heart of the new owners and their families. We wish them all the best in this small piece of land that was entrusted to them in 2002.

Janine Lamour, 2002 

Note: this is a translation of the original letter in French

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Bed and Breakfast at Coat Meur

Written by Jane Revell
Monday, 09 August 2004 08:30

Ideal for anyone who wants to get away from it all and give themselves some space: Wonderful winter walking. Superb summer swimming, sailing, surfing, cycling ..... Peace and calm throughout the year.

We have two rooms, both with private shower and toilet: one with double bed, one with twin beds.

Price, including breakfast: 70 euros for two people sharing a room, 55 euros for one person.

Facilities .....

  • Verandah breakfast room
  • Large secluded, rambling garden
  • Swimming-pool (summer months only)
  • TV/games room (Eng/Fr TV+ DVD/video)
  • Extensive library
  • Tea and coffee making facilities
  • Gym equipment (rowing machine + weights)
  • Hire of bicycles
  • and one minute from the nearest footpath!

You can contact us by:
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
phone: +33 (0)298 48 09 77
letter: Coat Meur, 29830 Ploudalmézeau, France

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